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Home Base:

The concept of the Travelling Vet was born back in the Fall of 1997 when Dr Drapek sold out her partnership in the Windsor Animal Clinic. With a baby on the way and four other children in the house, starting a house calls practice with its flexible schedule seemed the way to go. Soon a corner of the living room was filled with a desk, bookcases, computer, and other assorted equipment not usually found in peoples’ houses, and the dream began.

As the practice grew so did the need for more room. A move was made to the South Waverly location where the office was delegated to the basement. Soon it became obvious that it still wasn’t enough. An actual building was needed for surgery, x-rays, hospitalizing sick patients, and where an assistant could answer the phone and watch over things while the Doc was on the road. This obviously could not happen in a damp Michigan basement! So, at the same time that construction was beginning on the new Ivy Acres facility, the search for an office building began.

From 2003 to 2010 the practise moved to the Home Base on Knight Street in Eaton Rapids. It was a very busy and fulfilling time, but with Michigan's tight economy, and the intense schedules, it became obvious that it was impossible to continue running Ivy Acres, a clinic, and still maintain the dream of a housecalls practise. So, Dr Drapek is back on the road again, with a new, seperate facility for surgery and hospitalization, all based out of the homestead at Ivy Acres.

Ivy Acres Boarding:

Construction on Ivy Acres Kennels began very slowly in the summer of 2001. Anyone who has ever undertaken a construction project can understand the agonies of trying to get good, yet affordable, help. Some of the steps were hired out, like bulldozing the site, laying the concrete floor, and shingling the roof, but many steps, such as squaring the building and setting the poles, all the inside framing, the fencing and the cement block walls, and even spreading the gravel in the 800 foot driveway has been done by Dr Drapek by hand on weekends and in her spare time.

Ivy Acres is still a work in progress, but the unfinished facility finally opened for business the summer of 2006. The kennels consist of indoor/outdoor runs (some are only indoors to accomodate smaller or disabled pets) situated on fifty beautiful acres of woods, fields, and wetlands. Standard boarding includes two meals a day and three walks in the grassy lane near the building. Extras include walks in the woods on the extensive developed trail system, personal play time, or brushing/massage sessions. When you have to leave your pet behind, you no longer have to feel guilty, because they'll have a better time than you will! And they have the advantage of being watched over by a veterinarian without having the risks and fears associated with staying in a clinic.


The goal of the Travelling Vet is to strengthen and preserve the bond between owners and their pets through education, preventive care, and medical intervention. Our warm, friendly staff is always ready to assist in any way possible with:

  • preventive medicine
  • house calls
  • acupuncture
  • laboratory services
  • surgery
  • boarding
  • grooming

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