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Susan Drapek

Susan M Drapek, DVM
Susan DrapekDr Drapek graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, then again from Michigan State in 1990 with a DVM degree. After a wildly varied career including working for the federal government for four years, employment in a variety of small animal clinics, and emergency work, she finally found her niche in house calls practise. She took the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS) course in 1995-96 to become certified in veterinary acupuncture. More recently she has been a Teaching Associate for the IVAS course.To accomodate the requests for human acupuncture treatments, in 2008 Dr Drapek became certified in human medical massage therapy.In her "spare " time she enjoys all outdoor sports (camping, hiking, white water rafting, horseback riding, etc), playing fiddle and guitar, dancing and singing. To stay sane she collects animals and children.

Terri Doerr- Veterinary Assistant and Bookkeeper
Many years ago Terri and Dr Drapek worked as assistants in the same small animal clinic in Waterford, Michigan within months of each other, yet never met. Terri went on to pursue a career in pet ownership and German Shorthair Pointer Rescue that eventually led her to the doors of the Travelling Vet. She works in three businesses as bookkeeper but clings to her job in the clinic to allow her the entertainment of working with animals. She particularly enjoys helping with client education. When not working Terri spends her time outside at home with her many rescued pets.

Julie PalmerJulie Palmer-Assistant
Julie has been a part of this clinic since long before it was the Travelling Vet, way back when she was in high school. She took a break to try other employment, but she couldn't stay away. By now, Julie could practically run the whole clinic all by herself. Julie's favorite pets are her rats, and often, if you look close, you'll see she has one riding in her hood or on her shoulder. Don't tell her teachers how often she took them to school!

The original clinic cat, she was found in a parking lot, laden with every parasite imagineable (fleas, mites, intestinal worms), covered with scabs and not much hair due to allergies, and very pregnant. She was very happy to move in, and every day says "There's no place like home."

OzThe Great and Powerful Oz
The number one son of Dorothy, large and majestic, he's sure he's the magic behind the clinic. Since he steals food from dogs in cages, he sometimes has to leave to go to the "Fat Farm" to take off the excess pounds before he can come back to terrorize once more!

Uncle HeneryUncle Henry
The other number one son of Dorothy, he's equally sure he owns the place. Born here, and never having left, he has no idea there's any other life besides being a clinic cat.

The newest addition to our clinic family, Plumeau is a shih-tzu. She keeps us all highly entertained with her energy, enthusiasm, and love of squeaky toys. According to the dictionary, plumeau means feather duster.

Gone, but never forgotten.

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